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Martino Pietropoli

Martino Pietropoli is an Italian architect, university lecturer, photographer, writer, editor, podcaster and eventually artist and illustrator. He uses words, images, signs as languages – architectural, photographic, artistic or literary – to communicate.

“Architecture speaks of space and movement, photography shows slices of reality not visible to the eye, writing unravels and explains concepts.

He started creating art when he had enough of the precision required by his job as an architect. He needed to reconnect himself with his forgotten childish nature. To explore his own figurative and abstract memory. He then realised that he often draws and paints things and images he has in my mind as memories.

Artistic Language

“To me, art is a wordless dialogue with myself. It requires just signs and shapes. It’s a language that operates at a different level, far from the conscious one. Nonetheless, it has to find and express a sort of balance and expressive peace.”

Getting his inspiration from nature, casual shapes, coincidences, other artists’ works, often unconsciously. When asked to describe his artwork Martino replies: brutal, simple, balanced.

“Curiosity is in the eyes of the creator. It’s always on, always scanning the reality for ideas and suggestions, finding matches, coincidences, hidden meanings and what is surreal. Magic happens when there’s something slightly out of place. Something that suggests that there’s something more beyond the veil of reality.”

All prints from Martino Pietropoli