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Matías Larraín

When Argentinian artist Matías Larraín relocated to France in 2018 he had the possibility to redefine his life and take a new direction: It led him to the creative field of illustrations.

In Larraín's own words, his style is effortless and filled with colours. His inspiration stems among other things from the significant moments of everyday life like a bike ride or a movie. “But my greatest source of inspiration is nature, where I find the peace and quiet to let my creativity flow,” says Larraín who grew up at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Argentina.

For me, art is a way of expressing sensations, feelings and experiences. It is a way of channelling something at the same time subtle and dense. Something just waiting for whoever can materialize its message.
Matías Larraín | Via theposterclub.com

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