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Mie & Him

Even though their base is in Copenhagen, the design duo Mie & Him draws inspiration from around the world. Combining their masculine and feminine energies as well as their different experiences the artists bring out the best in one another: “Being from two contrasting countries (Denmark and Bangladesh), allowed us to share a vast spectrum of experiences with each other, which encouraged us to create art together.

The artists behind Mie & Him Mie Torp Træger and Ayaan Hafiz not only runs the creative studio together – they are also married: “It is a beautiful thing to work with the one you are married to. It allows us to utilise our individual strengths.

Beauty and Roughness

The artists describe their work as being eclectic, abstract and intuitive. Tying in with their belief that life is unpredictable.

Art can be found everywhere. It is the beauty and the roughness of this world compressed into a single object. It challenges our imagination and pushes is to find new ways of thinking.” And it is the constant challenge which helps Mie & Him evolve and drives them to keep creating no matter what life might present them with.

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