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Moe Made It

Moe Made It is a Danish design studio, based in the heart of Copenhagen. Sharing a keen interest for visual design & interior, this family-owned studio is established and run by the married couple Camilla & Espen Moe.

Camilla and Espen Moe are both educated in graphic design and have worked within art, graphic design and visual communication for more than 20 years. Together they have two children.

"Both of us have been driven by curiosity, to work with visual form since childhood. In our relationship, we have used each other for critiquing our work, which has led to working on joint projects."

They get their inspiration from: "nature, city life or interaction with other people, are our most common sources." The inspiration can come from anywhere and often when they least expect it.

Their work is primarily based on paper cut, hand drawings and serigraphy, original and reproduced in high-quality print and made with love. Camilla and Espen describe their artwork with the three words: Minimal, aesthetic and embracing.

"We love experimenting and challenging our imagination, abstraction and sense of aesthetics."
Moe Made It | Via theposterclub.com

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