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Moe Made It

At the heart of Copenhagen lies Moe Made It, a design studio echoing the calm tones of Nordic light and drawing inspiration from the delicate interaction of sea and land. Run by the couple Camilla & Espen Moe, their pieces are a union of minimalism, aestheticism, and a heartfelt embrace of organic patterns.

“Aesthetics and minimalism are like second nature to us,” says the Copenhagen-based couple behind Moe Made It. Nestled between the bustling city and the tranquil sea, their home in Østerbro is their sanctuary and a hub of creativity. With Camilla’s background in graphic arts and painting and Espen’s expertise in motion design and visual communication, they’ve embarked on a journey where they channel the beauty of branching in nature, depicting growth, diversity, and exploration.

Their works, which range from paper-cut, hand drawings to serigraphy, play with calm tones reminiscent of sand, earth, and foliage, a tribute to the Nordic light they’ve grown to cherish. And while their art is non-figurative, they often delve into abstractions over organic shapes and patterns, reflecting their inspirations from the shorelines where land meets the sea.

Every artwork begins with a dialogue

“Our processes may differ, but our conversations remain central.” This constant communication has been key in their collaborations, and whether they’re experimenting with foam, wood, plaster, or digital designs, their combined perspectives always bring out the unique Moe touch.

One may observe and wonder at the simplicity and elegance of their creations. Underneath it all is a complex blend of ideas, inspirations, and meticulous execution. “There’s always an element of surprise in our work,” says Espen. “Whether it’s an unexpected pattern from city life or a fleeting moment at the shoreline, we want our art to evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation.”

Working from their home studio, there’s a seamless transition from daily life to artistic creation. “There’s an intimacy in having our workspace at home,” says Camilla. “Our family, our interactions, the nature outside, and the city’s vibrancy – everything is an extension of our art.”

In a world that’s always rushing, Moe Made It stands as a reminder of the beauty in pausing, reflecting, and truly seeing. And for Camilla & Espen, every piece they create is not just art but a labour of love.

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