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Molly Kyhl

Copenhagen-based artist Molly Kyhl works in the cross-section of illustration and graphic design. Her process is playful, resulting in a characteristically light-hearted expression and colour palette.

While she studied at the Royal College of Art in London, Kyhl also trained as a decorator and painter, restoring historic buildings. It required using old techniques such as marbling, woodgraining and guilding. A knowledge that still lies at the heart of Kyhl’s work today: Although her colour palette is bright and light-hearted, her mosaic motifs seem to lend inspiration from the marbled floors of historic architecture.

Graphical Combinations

“Certain colours and colour combinations as well as patterns always seem to catch my attention in my everyday life. I also love going to libraries and spending time flipping through random books.”

Throughout the years, Kyhl has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and a painter on theatre-, film- and TV ets. “I like to call myself an image-maker, illustrator or designer rather than an artist,” Kyhl says. “I very much enjoy submerging myself completely in the manual process of creation.”

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