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Nicole Mason

Photographer Nicole Mason has always had a kinship with nature. During her childhood, growing up in a small town near the border of New York and Canada, she developed a profound connection with the natural world that continues to influence her today. Exploring the world as a child, her barefoot adventures in the woods and along creeks and bundled-up excursions through winter storms instilled in her an appreciation for the beauty and resilience of nature, a theme that fills much of her photography.

Today she explores new landscapes and perspectives, often on road trips across California, the West coast and the Southwest United States. Her images are an intimate exploration of her immediate surroundings: “It’s so inspiring to see a new perspective of common things just by going out and observing,” Nicole says.

The Beauty in Everything

Clean lines, sculptural shapes and negative space feature prominently in her photography, creating images that are both striking and serene. The intricate details of naturalistic textures or man-made forms are captured in minimalistic compositions and muted colours, punctuated by occasional pops of rich or monochromatic accents. “There’s beauty to be found in the everyday – from the colour of the sky on a particular day to the shape of spilled coffee on the table,” she notes.

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