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Nina Dissing

With her unique artistic voice and unending curiosity, Nina Dissing paints her creative journey on the canvas of life.

When Nina Dissing relocated from Viborg to Berlin to pursue a bachelor’s degree in design, the bustling German metropolis became both a crucible for academic growth and a playground for professional exploration. Since returning to her native Denmark Nina has cultivated a niche for herself as a freelance artist. Her deep-seated passion for drawing and painting – and in recent years, digital illustrations – take centre stage, with a deliberate incorporation of grain and textures into her artworks.

A Work of Art

Nina turns to traditional mediums, working on thick paper with a mix of coloured pencils and crayons, gouache and watercolours. Her creative process often involves starting with wet materials and layering details with dry ones, resulting in dreamlike depictions of scenery that include mountains, tennis courts and swimming pools. Nina’s love for colour permeates her work, with bold palettes that reflect her fascination with the endless possibilities of their combinations.

Drawing inspiration from shifts in seasons and light and her worldly adventures, Nina carries a sketchbook wherever she goes, capturing both the mundane and the extraordinary moments of life to later transform them into lasting works of art.

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