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Nomen Studio

Nomen Studio is a small art and design studio based in Copenhagen, and with the capital city as a backdrop — the studio continuously works to push its own creative boundaries. “Our city is significant to us because of its rich cultural heritage and thriving art scene. We draw inspiration from the city’s creative energy every day.”

The work by Nomen Studio is known for its minimalist aesthetic, experimenting with different textures and materials to reach a unique result. “Our approach typically starts by gathering inspiration — either through research, walks in nearby nature or as it most often happens simply trying out different materials.” From there, the creatives of Nomen Studio sketch out rough drafts and rearranges the elements in different layouts and compositions until it reaches some kind of balance.
“A recurring motif in our work seems to be geometric shapes that we pair with minimalistic layouts that emphasise the negative space surrounding the figures.”

Contemporary inspiration

Nomen Studio works out of a shared office space in central Copenhagen. “Being surrounded by other creative professionals is inspiring and encourages us to push our work even further,” they tell.

When they are not working, the creatives of Nomen Studio agree that enjoying the city’s art scene, trying new foods and travelling are the best ways to relax and recharge creatively.
They tend to be drawn by Scandinavian designs, mid-century modern aesthetics, and most contemporary artists. “We love to explore these different styles and techniques that we can then incorporate into our work.”

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