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Nord Projects

Josefin Holmgren is the woman behind Nord Projects. Josefin grew up in the north of Sweden, but have lived in Gothenburg for the past ten years, studying and working with design.
She started creating art when she was a kid, but at that time, it was a completely different kind of art: “I have explored everything from sculptures and abstract oil/acrylic paintings to realistic charcoal portraits and digital art, as I enjoy all types of creation”.
However, it wasn’t until 2018 that Josefin Holgrem finally decided to give it a proper go, so she created Nord Projects.

For Josefin Holmgren, creating art is a very easy process: “I do art because I don’t know how not to”.

Art of Emotions

Nord Projects’ inspiration comes from human beings and Nature: “The human body and everything that is human, with our feelings and imperfections, our relationships and emotions, is very beautiful to me”.
When asked to describe the artworks of Nord Projects, Josefin says: “Organic, Soft, Feminine”.

Josefin Holmgren wants Nord Projects to be about emotions. She wants it to be: “About capturing fractions of life – the situations when you feel genuinely happy and you just want to stop time, or the struggles and the everyday monotonous routines. All these moments are a part of life. So with the organic shapes from the human body or nature, combined with a specific color or brush technique, I try to express these different emotions”.

All prints from Nord Projects