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Nynne Rosenvinge

With playful and vibrant designs, Copenhagen-based artist Nynne Rosenvinge infuses her signature style into everyday objects. She has worked with various materials and formats — from large-scale abstract paintings to ceramics and glassware. “I hope to transform my designs into something eye-catching,” she says.

When starting a new piece it entails a lot of exploration for Nynne: Experimenting with a range of colour combinations, shapes, typography, and formats before finalizing the work. However, even though her work is highly colourful, she finds great inspiration in Scandinavian minimalism. “Simplicity and minimalism are recurring motifs in my work. I use it to create abstract designs with simplified shapes that eliminate unnecessary details — resulting in a clean and streamlined look.”

Home is where the heart is

The city of Copenhagen holds a special place for Nynne. It is where she lives and works, and where she finds her daily source of inspiration. Her studio is located in the heart of the city in the area known as Holmen, which is surrounded by water and historic architecture.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Nynne works with both conceptual and aesthetic designs and often finds herself in the realm of interior design. “Besides my work as an artist, I enjoy interior decorating and will re-decorate my home as often as possible. It gives me a sense of a “new” apartment every time.”

Although Nynne loves Copenhagen, she dreams of one day being able to broaden her line of work and make working from a tropical beach a reality: “My dream goals involve working on a variety of creative projects within the realms of interior design and fashion, with the added luxury of being able to work from anywhere in the world, preferably a tropical beach.”

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