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Pernille Sneholm

For Danish artist and creative soul, Pernille Sneholm, the common theme throughout her artwork is that of intuition: “Some of the pieces I am most proud of are those created in moments of complete heartbreak or riveting love. In that sense, my emotions are the driving force of my creativity.

However, Pernille is also inspired by typographies, graphic design, architecture, and trends in fashion. She explains that there is something quite satisfying about making contrasts meet and creating a sense of balance. 

The Beauty of Art

With an education in Brand Design, Pernille has gained a lot of different methods to express herself through shapes and colours which she continuously evolves. As she has experienced, art can change and attain many meanings for different people – or even to the same people at different times in their lives. “That is the beauty of art,” she says and continues: “That it takes on the form that we need it to be at that exact moment in time. That art will always change.

Describing her work with words like playful and honesty, she sets the tone for the stories she hopes to tell through her art.

Art is my language. And being creative is my way of telling stories without the barrier of words.

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