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Rebecca Hein

Organic shapes, soft lines and an interplay between neutral hues and pops of brighter colour are the core of Danish artist and designer Rebecca Hein’s work.

Growing up close to the ocean has given Rebecca an inherent love of wild nature, which is where she finds most of the inspiration for her motifs and colours — both in the curves of the shoreline and the textures from stones and ocean waves. “At the moment, I am working with silk fabric and cotton paper. I then experiment with a lot of different types of paint and techniques until I reach the result I desire. It is often a long process,” she says and adds: “It is really down to the last millimetre before I think it is perfect.”

Although perfection in itself is not what Hein seeks to display with her work. Instead, it is a search for beauty in the imperfect. A discipline inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

The heart of the home

Rebecca and her husband are currently situated north of Copenhagen in a small house from the ’60s with their 3 children and the dog Bowie. 

They had their children in a short time period and she stayed at home with them for a couple of years: “In that period I developed a deep understanding of how important your home is, its functionality and flow. How important of surrounding myself with pieces that inspire me.” 

That led to the creation of her interior brand Hein Studio, which she runs together with her husband. “I love that it gives me the opportunity to share my aesthetic and designs with the world.”

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