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Reeta Ek

On the small isle Lauttasaari lives the Finnish award-winning artist Reeta Ek. With her degree in textile design from Aalto University, her art is characterized by that of surfaces and the art of sketch-making. Especially the sketching has become part of her work as an artist: "I was looking for ways to free myself from the rules I had been taught as a textile designer."

Taking advantage of the surrounding nature, Ek enjoys walking when she is in need of new inspiration. "I gather inspiration both consciously and unconsciously. And walking is a way for me to let my unconscious mind organize all the impressions. Then, when the time is right, ideas get their form, and often when I least expect it."

During her studies, she immersed herself in the creative process and has developed a unique working style in which she creates a cross-section between sketching and digital processing.

"Using different tools and techniques I create elements and surfaces in ink. Afterwards, I work with the colouring; matching and adjusting until I reach the effect I searched for."
Reeta Ek | Via theposterclub.com

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