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Rini Spiel

A creative at heart, Rini Spiel seizes every opportunity to explore artistic endeavours, including pottery, tufting, knitting and goldsmithing. But it is the act of painting that serves as her greatest motivation, giving her a sense of accomplishment and allure as compositions unfold through bold brushstrokes.

Leaves or parts of plants are often the trigger for a painting and are combined in details and shaped with acrylic paints to create beautiful still life works. For Rini, these simple and serene motifs often reveal more than meets the eye. And while nature is an eternal source of inspiration, her artistic influences span diverse movements and periods, including the Wiener Werkstätte, Art Nouveau, the expressive palette of Expressionism and the composition styles of Baroque. She finds equal fascination in craftsmanship, exploring textures and patterns of fabrics — and even the unfiltered creativity of children finds its way into her work

Colours and Layers
Working predominantly with acrylics, Rini also enjoys working with oil colours and crayons as their application requires a calm and unhurried mindset. In her artworks, colours emerge gradually in layers, influenced by their underlying tones and the transparency of pigments. Despite her love for vibrant hues, Rini exercises restraint, allowing colours like sap green and earthy pigments to organically ground a given piece in the present moment.

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