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Ruby Hughes

“I started my studio Ssshepaints as a lockdown project — a way of connecting and sharing memories when we were all apart from each other,” says British creative Ruby Hughes. Her artwork centres around the conversations and connections between people, specifically those moments that involve food and wine. To Ruby Hughes, those moments encapsulate the beauty of the mundane parts of life.

‘I miss eating pasta with you’ or ‘we will drinks Aperols soon’ are just two examples of the motifs that Ruby Hughes would get commissioned to make for people missing loved ones and friends.

“Having stranger message me their traditions, memories, recipes and the moments which make up their relationships. There is something so personal about what you cook, sip on and chat about in the kitchen. I don’t know my customers, but they trust me to bring these crumbs and clues to life. That never gets old.”

The lockdown project turned into a full-time job and the artist continues to bring those interpersonal relationships to life in her paintings. Paintings which in Ruby Hughes’ own words are honest and relatable.

To me art is personal: It hangs in your space, where you sleep, eat and create the most important moments.

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