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Ruby Hughes

“I miss eating pasta with you” and “We will drink Aperols soon” are more than just phrases, they’re the threads that weave together the artwork of British creative, Ruby Hughes. Born in London and nurtured by the creative energy of Brighton by the sea, Ruby’s art transcends the mundane and transforms everyday moments into heartwarming, relatable art pieces.

Ruby’s creative journey took a poignant turn during the lockdown, evolving into her studio, Ssshepaints. “I started Ssshepaints as a lockdown projectn, a way of connecting and sharing memories when we were all apart from each other,” Ruby reflects. The heart of her art lies in the conversations and connections between people, particularly those moments that revolve around food and wine. For Ruby, these ordinary instances encapsulate the extraordinary beauty of life’s simple pleasures.

The motifs that grace Ruby’s canvases are often love letters to shared experiences, they are not just brushstrokes on a canvas, they’re expressions of longing and anticipation felt by individuals missing their loved ones. These pieces, born from commissions and personal stories, resonate deeply with those who see in them reflections of their own lives.
I receive messages from strangers sharing their traditions, memories, recipes, and the moments that define their relationships,” Ruby says. “The kitchen becomes a canvas of personal connections, where trust allows me to bring these fragments and hints to life.”

Celebrating Life’s Everyday Moments

From these humble beginnings, Ruby’s venture has blossomed into a full-time pursuit, a testament to the resonance of her creations. The conversations that she turns into art are honest and universal, capturing the essence of human connection.
To me, art is personal,” Ruby muses. “It adorns the spaces where you rest, dine, and craft life’s most significant moments.

Ruby Hughes’ work invites us to appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary and to celebrate the beauty of shared meals and intimate conversations. Her art serves as a reminder that even in the most mundane routines, there’s a world of emotion waiting to be expressed and cherished.

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