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Sheryn Bullis

Sheryn Bullis is an artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Her roots are in Great Britain and America, but she has lived in Helsinki for over 17 years.

Already as a child, she started creating art with inspiration from nature and the abstract art in Scandinavian culture. “I also find the marks created by the weather on surfaces over time very inspiring.”

From Business to Art

She completed a double major for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of French and decided to continue her education by getting a Master of International Business Administration. Her affiliation with the international community led her to move to Helsinki, Finland. After working in the business world for a few years while creating art on the side she began working as a full-time artist in 2002.

When asked to describe her work, Sheryn replies: Less is more. Her influences are reflected through her use of color, shapes, lines, and texture in her work.

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