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Sofia Freixas

Minimalist, modern and figurative. That is how Argentine artist Sofia Freixas describes her style of art. Situated in the bustling city of Buenos Aires the young artist is especially inspired by music: “When I create, music is as essential a tool as my brushes and canvases. From a line, to shape to a meaning – I think that describes my creative process perfectly.

Besides music, Sofia Freixas finds inspiration not only in the art of other artists but also in the connection with them. “I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of artists from around the world. I think it is really special. Creating art can be a very lonely path to follow, and it is comforting to meet people who share your passion.

Connected to Herself and the World Around

Growing up, Sofia Freixas spend a lot of time with her aunt who is an artist and she pushed her to work with her artistic skills. And today Sofia Freixas continues to push her techniques and skillset. “My technique has varied a lot over the years, in fact, it continues to change. However, in each piece that I create, I seek to portray a certain sensitivity that defines me.

To Sofia Freixas creating art is a way of staying connected to herself and the world around her: “Art is everything to me. It helps me stay grounded.

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