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Sofie Rebecca Iversen

My creative journey often leads me to explore the evolution inherent in all living things,” notes Sofie Rebecca Iversen. Nature and its delicate dance of uncertainty and certainty and symmetry and asymmetry serve as a muse for the young Danish artist: “In my art, I strive to capture the ever-moving, ever-developing essence of existence.”


Her artworks are brought to life with oil pastels, often blended and layered with pastels and the occasional coloured pencil in complementary hues. This tactile medium offers a stark contrast to her daily work as a digital graphic designer, allowing her to engage with her creativity on a more physical level and express freely the emotions that stir within her.

Artistic inspiration blossoms from the interconnectedness of life and nature


“My artistic process is intuitive,” she says. “I begin each piece with a mood or feeling in mind, translating it into a vibrant tapestry of colours and movement on the canvas.” While her art is abstract, it frequently carries a botanical undertone that delves into microscopic perspectives: her close examination of organisms, whether plant or human, reveals their shared simplicity and the intricate journey of life in development, cell by cell.

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