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Studio Paradissi

Eleni Psyllaki, the artist of Studio Paradissi, lives on the island of Crete, situated in the Mediterranean Sea. She was also born on the island and her Greek heritage has been a great source of inspiration for her work as an artist.

The artworks she creates are a balanced mixture of Constructivism, Minimalism, and the folklore surrounding the Byzantine culture. Usually, her palette of colours is one of the earthy tones, desaturated hues, and rich blacks. “I’m working on a new series of works on paper that include patterns and bolder contrasts as well as some digital works inspired by more minimalistic motifs,” Eleni shares. 

To Eleni, the creative process includes lots of preliminary sketches and drawing up idea boards. And oftentimes it is the shape of a vessel, that appears on the canvas: “A vessel is an archetypical form that through history has acted as a metaphor for being,” Eleni tells. She further says that she is deeply inspired by the history and symbolism of the vessel motif, which also connects to her fascination with architecture and Byzantine art.

Leading a balanced life

In her work as an artist, Eleni continues to broaden her spectre. She says: “I’d love to evolve my works. To bring even more of my subconscious onto the canvas and to reach a broader audience, that will embrace my vision.”

Even when relaxing, the creative process is present: “I love to cook and bake as I find the equally creative with designing or when I am painting.” Thus, a perfect day includes a few hours of creative work followed by time spent with her family.

“It is all there in the form of the vessel. The grounding bottom represents the earth, while the openings on the top symbolise a connection with the devine. They are connected and a person would need both to achieve a balanced life.”

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