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Studio Paradissi

Behind Studio Paradissi is Eleni Psyllaki, architect, interior designer, and blogger behind the blog My Paradissi. She started creating art already as a child, always with a pen in her pocket, drawing on every surface she could land her hands on.

“My art is a result of a free play, with no agendas or purpose, a pursue of forms and textures, a channel to let my creative juices get out of my system and the one and the only way to keep my inner child happy and balanced.”

She was born and grew up in Heraklion Crete, Greece. She studied architecture and worked as an architect in Athens for 4 years. 10 years ago she returned to her hometown to pursue a freelance career in architecture and interior design.

Everything around her inspires her in a subconscious way, and when asked to describe her artwork with three following words, she uses the following: unrefined, quick, sketchy.

"Some characteristics of my artwork are the rough and abstract lines, the unrefined and sketchy geometric forms, the strong contrast and the simple and often neutral color palettes.”
Studio Paradissi | Via theposterclub.com

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