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Feeling an urge to explore beyond her hometown of Gävle, Sweden, Teklan moved to Stockholm in her early twenties where she has since established herself as a creative. She first acquired an education in architecture and later transitioned to architectural photography where her appreciation for spatial dynamics and design aesthetics were put to use. Today, she defines herself as a colourist.

“The exploration of colour is a lifelong journey for me. I am endlessly captivated by their potent yet elusive nature—constantly shifting, never static, always defined by their context. This fascination drives my relentless investigation into uncovering new relationships, combinations and moods,” she explains.

Blending her expertise in interior design with her passion for capturing the essence of colours, she crafts immersive and vibrant works and environments that challenge conventional perceptions.

Playful and Daring Designs

Drawn to the tactile experience of materials and finishes – from luxurious textiles to stained wood and plaster finishes – Teklan delights in curating spaces and creating images that evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication.

“I revel in the unexpected, often seeking to juxtapose elements in a way that is both playful and daring, resulting in intriguing and dynamic blends,” Teklan says.

Exploring the interplay between geometrical shapes, colour palettes and the delicate balance between playful expression and structured design, she draws inspiration from everyday moments and the dynamic interplay of light, as well as the Bauhaus and Memphis Group movements. The result is a sense of surrealism that invites viewers to see the world through a new lens.

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