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Tenna Elisabeth Studio

Tenna Elisabeth Jacobsen is a graphic designer with an MA in Visual Communication from Kolding School of Design, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, she runs Tenna Elisabeth Studio where she experiments with her own pieces and commissioned artworks.

“As a designer, I strive to create something new out of nothing.”

When Tenna Elisabeth was studying at Kolding School of Design, she started creating artwork and she immediately fell in love with the tactility of the process, the intensity of the colors and the opportunity to mix materials: “To me, my art is my personal creative playground, which I use to explore and capture visual compositions with no hidden agendas or commercial goals. I let the process guide the results and allow my intuition to take over completely.”

Traditional With New Approaches

Her art is shaped by both traditional hand-printing techniques and creative improvisation; always experimenting with new approaches, materials, and media. Tenna Elisabeth describes her artwork with the three following words: “Graphic, abstract, tactile.”

“I find inspiration in most things around me; especially in the hidden details and tactility of everyday objects: In the skin of an unripe tomato, the intensity of a colour or the combination of different materials and textures.”

All prints from Tenna Elisabeth Studio