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Wensi Zhai

Illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist Wensi Zhai was born in Beijing, China but has been living in Helsinki, Finland since 2009. Holding a double MA in arts she first graduated in Visual Communication from the Center Academy of Fine Arts in China and later went on to study Environmental Art at Aalto University in Finland.

In Finland, she started creating her art, which took its starting point in small visual diary entries expressing the thoughts, emotions, and energy that couldn’t be put into words.

Wensi Zhai is inspired by¬†“… beautiful nature, imperfectness, and my spiritual intuition.”

Sharing Happiness
“Art makes me happy, and I can see that I can share some of this happiness with others, which makes it even better”.
Throughout her years working as an artist Wensi Zhai has been doing various formats in graphic design and illustrations. In 2018 she co-founded Shanghai Children’s Picture Book Research Center and has both curated and participated in exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

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