The Colour Play Collection

With the intention to strike a harmonious balance between two- and three-dimensional perception, Teklan’s Colour Play Collection depicts motifs with such clarity that they verge on the abstract. These new and captivating perspectives imbue the everyday with surreal beauty.

Distilling shapes to their essence, as a meticulous study in form and light, Teklan showcases her favourite colour combinations on familiar shapes placed within carefully crafted frames. The six resulting art prints are characterised by vibrant hues and dynamic compositions that appear both calming and invigorating.

“Recurring motifs in my work include geometrical shapes, vibrant colour palettes and a delicate balance between playful and disciplined graphics. I often explore the intersection of two-dimensional and three-dimensional perception, drawing inspiration from everyday moments and the dynamic play of sunlight throughout the day.

Happy reflections of the sun give rise to new motifs, infusing my creations with fresh energy and inspiration,” Teklan explains.

At the heart of her creative process lies a relentless pursuit of innovation and experimentation; drawing inspiration from the natural world and commonplace experiences, her works challenge conventional perceptions and evoke a sense of surrealism.