The Drawings Collection

In her collection for The Poster Club, British artist Rosie McGuinness captures women at ease and flowers in bloom. Having initially studied womenswear design, Rosie shifted her creative focus to drawing and illustration, driven by a long-standing passion for the visual aspect of design. This transition allowed her to explore the intricate details of clothing, finding satisfaction in elements such as fabrics, cuts, trimmings and print designs.

These details make their way into a series of fresh works, originally rendered in gouache and ink. The six new prints feature the forms of confident and composed women in languid poses, dressed in softly draped garments patterned with florals, stripes and blocks of bright colours, as well as bold flowers – including swathes of perennial pennywort –  in saturated greens and blues.

Rosie’s deliberate choice of bodily poses, meticulous attention to fashion and restrained depictions of natural forms play a crucial role in conveying a scene, mood or overall feeling, giving each artwork context and a sense of boldness. Hung together or alone, the images capture the essence of simplicity while maintaining a casual yet evocative atmosphere.

Working quickly and crafting many renditions of the same composition, her instinctive technique mirrors the natural flow of her creative instincts. This approach results in a range of outcomes, from opaque and saturated in colour to playful and more relaxed in form, contributing to the overall dynamism of the collection yet always maintaining an undercurrent of elegance.

For Rosie, the simplicity the new collection conveys is not a reduction of elements but a deliberate focus on the essence of the scene, captured through the medium, the line quality and the colour choices she makes.