The Magical Mundane Collection

“I’m preoccupied with giving the little stories from everyday life a place where they can be admired and where the viewer can pause and reflect on some of the things, we sometimes take for granted,” explains Signe Bagger, whose artworks express her joy at capturing the magical in the mundane. In her enchanting world, every stroke tells a story and every colour and shape whispers a tale of its own. 

“I love how art has the ability to tell stories, both in terms of the narrative depicted and the implicit stories told through colours and compositions”

Signe reflects on her deep connection with the storytelling potential of her craft. She finds fascination in extracting small stories and themes from the tapestry of life and everyday experiences. Her works become a sanctuary of sorts, where simple things are celebrated and examined, inviting viewers to pause and reflect on the oft-overlooked aspects of life.

“There are so many small stories around us and I love whenever I catch one of them and manage to unfold it in one of my works,” she notes. “I am always on the lookout for these stories, moments or happenings that, if you take a closer look, are quite magical.”

The Magical Mundane Collection is characterised by the tension that arises when analogue, hand drawn and imperfect lines meet clean and colourful surfaces, geometric compositions and a frame of text. “Putting it all together is often a long and thoughtful process back and forth, redrawing and rewriting, testing lots of colours until everything has melted together in a way that the poster feels whole,” she explains.

With The Magical Mundane Collection, she hopes to make people pause and admire the beauty in the small moments of everyday life and that “they learn something about their ability to reflect and perhaps become more aware of the little things that make life so fantastic”.