Aden Wang

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“We call our interior style contemporary and mid-century modern eclectic — because it’s hard to define it,” says interior enthusiast and product designer at Meta Aden Wang when asked to describe his home: A San Fransisco-based apartment that Wang shares with his wife and their Shiba dog Muffin.


Wang and his wife have quite different interior preferences, and it took a long time to achieve a balance between his more functional minimalism and her love of colours and textures. The result is a home aesthetic that showcases a symbiotic curation of quirky objects and colours. “In that sense, our home also represents the ideal balance in a marriage, which requires empathy, collaboration, partnership, compromises and acceptance.”

The colours of Wang’s home are mostly — in his own words — the masterpiece of his wife, but the shades as well as the shapes of their furniture are also highly inspired by the city and nature of San Fransisco. “The fiddle fig tree and green Hay dining table mimic the greenery in the city. While the silvery elements bring in the modern city vibe and the pastel pink of the Boa Pouf resonates with the pink sunset sky,” Wang muses.

The same consideration has gone into his curation of art. The prints Wang has selected are chosen based on their colour scheme and the variety of geometric and organic shapes.
Especially the skewered checker pattern and interesting colour combination in the two prints by Mille Henriksen caught Wang’s attention as it matches some of the furniture they already own.


But his favourite is Wine Club by Ruby Hughes: “This is precisely Vivid and me — We love drinking a glass of sparkling rosé after a busy workday. The simple line drawing of two people enjoying wine caught our attention.”