Amaël Hazza

Curated by



Meet Amaël, a French architect and photographer, resident in the heart of Brussels. By day, he immerses himself in the world of architecture and design, while his evenings are a canvas for his creative pursuits at Save As Studio, a venture blending photography and content creation for brands.

Amaël’s living space mirrors his dynamic personality—an eclectic, maximalist haven brimming with original and amusing elements. His vision is to infuse a riot of colours and playful objects, crafting an ambience that’s uniquely alive.

At the heart of his home sits a statement piece—a bold, bright yellow coffee table from B-Line. It’s not just furniture; it’s a conversation starter, embodying Amaël’s knack for injecting life into spaces.

A typical day starts with a leisurely coffee in bed, a quick dive into emails and Instagram updates, and a bike ride to the office where Amaël collaborates with his fantastic team. Evenings unfold with the choice of either sharing drinks and laughter with friends or heading home to delve into projects—editing pictures, crafting videos, and giving life to his creative visions.

The essence of Amaël’s “Curated by” lies in its unapologetic boldness. Choosing prints that command attention, he places art at the core of his space.

Ask him about his favourite print, and he’ll point you to the big lobster. A whimsical choice inspired by a nearby fish restaurant with a giant neon lobster, a quirky connection that adds a dash of humor to his curation.“There is a fish restaurant close to my place with a giant neon lobster and I always wanted to have it. So, when I saw the Langosta print I was like here’s my lobster.”

In Amaël’s Brussels abode, every corner is a testament to living life boldly, where architectural precision meets the unrestrained play of colours and creativity knows no bounds.