Amna Mesic

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Architect by profession and content creator by heart, meet Amna Mesic, based in Hamburg, Germany. In the realms of interior design and lifestyle, Amna’s journey is a blend of her childhood fascination with art and architecture. “As a child, I used to go to the local library and browse through interior magazines and books. This is where I still get my inspiration from,” she shares.

Her interior style is an exquisite blend of midcentury furniture mixed with design classics and a playful palette of pastel hues. Amna revels in the synergy of heavy wooden furniture and light pastels. “It makes it more fun and playful,” she notes, pointing to the dining room where a light pink table harmonizes with midcentury chairs.

For Amna, the magic lies in the personal details – art pieces from friends, treasures from flea markets, or souvenirs from travels. Each item holds its own story, creating a home that feels like a narrative of experiences and connections.


A typical day begins with the ritual of morning coffee, followed by the necessary administrative tasks. The real joy, however, comes with content creation – capturing moments through photos, videos, and writing. Evenings are reserved for shared cooking and cosy sofa time, a perfect way to unwind.

The prints curated by Amna reflect the essence of her apartment – timeless and classic as a base, adorned with playful and colourful prints. It’s a deliberate mix of media, seamlessly combining photography and painting to craft an eclectic composition on the gallery wall.

While Amna loves all the prints, a special place in her heart is reserved for Julian Zerressen’s photograph. “It takes you to a warm place where you can almost feel the sun’s warmth,” she expresses. The vividness, coupled with the bright colours of the chairs, invites one to dream away into a world of warmth and tranquillity.