Ingo Heider

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Paying respect to the architecture of his home, Ingo Heider — photographer and creator of Mr Roofpot — decorates with a keen sense of balance. “Our apartment isn’t super minimalistic, but when a new design piece moves in, another usually has to go. The space should feel cosy, without drowning out the architecture.” The home of Ingo Heider is an attic apartment, placed in the southern part of Germany. And it took two years of renovations to create the space as it is today.

“I don’t have a favourite piece of furniture. To me, it is the combination of several objects that is interesting.”

Living in an attic apartment means having to work around the space’s different angles, small nooks and corners. Which leaves very little wall space. “Art plays an important part when I decorate my home. But hanging the art – that is not easy. We have had to integrate the art into the architecture itself.