Oezlem Oezsoy

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Based in the bustling city of Hamburg you will find the apartment of travel and lifestyle photographer Oezlem Oezsoy. Her home is a mixture of design classics and vintage furniture from the midcentury era that she hunts for at flea markets. “I always wanted to stay true to myself and continue to pursue my own style without relying on current trends. Which also means that I never buy interior pieces spontaneously.” As a result, Oezlem’s apartment is a calming space of continuity with a cream-coloured and earthy colour story that connects each room with the next.

It is apparent from Oezlem’s account @mia_loves_things, that art plays a big part in her interior. However, it was not until rather recently that she began introducing art to the walls.

“Honestly, I love photography, art, books and magazines. I have been collecting limited-edition coffee table books for many years. But after several years, we still had nothing on the walls.” So Oezlem took matters into her own hands and started painting her own art. “That way I could continue the colour palette of our apartment, and I must say that it also gained a personal aspect for me.”

The colours in the apartment were central to Oezlem’s curation of art prints. “I wanted the art prints to work both as a complete art wall and also individually, as I tend to rearrange quite a lot,” she says. “And I also wanted there to be some striking colours to break up the palette.”

“My favourite is Yellow Dress by Rosie McGuinness. I really like the wonderful yellow tone and it somehow makes all our wooden furniture shine even more.”