Eliot & Loredana

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Meet Eliot and Loredana, a vibrant couple based in Brussels, where art, design, and love intertwine to create a space that’s not just a home but a testament to their shared passion for creativity and vintage treasures.

Loredana splits her time between being a tattoo artist in a charming Brussels studio and expressing her love for printmaking, Eliot works as a street photographer and podcast agent. Together, they share a dream of creating exhibitions in Brussels and expanding their family with a furry friend.

Describing their interior style as colourful, playful, and eclectic, Eliot and Loredana seamlessly blend design elements from the period starting in the ’70s and up until the present time. Eliot explains, “We find inspiration in the kitsch and colours of our childhood homes.

The couple adores their modular bookshelf, reflecting their approach to flexibility and change. The ever-evolving arrangement allows them to play with colours and layouts. A favourite item, the lipstick mirror has three generations of history and symbolizes the sentimental value they place on vintage objects. “Vintage pieces have a history,” Eliot emphasizes, “and discovering those stories at flea markets brings us immense joy.

Sundays, coined as “dimanche magique” in French “magic Sunday”, is Eliot and Loredana’s favourite day of the week. Whether it’s early morning flea market excursions or lazy afternoons immersed in classic films, Sundays are sacred. As Eliot puts it, “It’s a day exclusively for us, where time slows down, and we find inspiration for our art.

Curating the prints was a collaborative and thoughtful process for Eliot and Loredana. “We wanted a selection that tells a story as a whole,” Loredana explains. The couple’s curation offers a delicate balance between figurative and abstract, each contributing to the overall narrative of their home. “We didn’t think we’d have a favourite, but when we opened the parcel, we were both blown away by the Nina Flagstad Kvorning’s prints we’d chosen.” The decision to place them together on the bookshelf above the sofa has created a beautiful colour echo with the surrounding orange tones of the frames.

In the couple’s home, every piece tells a story, weaving a colourful tapestry of vintage joy and creative expression. The magic lies not just in the objects but in the shared moments, reflecting their love for art, design, and each other.