Erik Josefsson

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Residing in the scenic Swedish harbour city Göteborg lives interior decorator Erik Josefsson with his partner in an eclectic apartment with original wooden floors and colourful walls. He loves to mix vintage and new pieces, surrounding himself with whatever beautiful objects that bring joy, which is evident in their home. “I want an inviting home for me and my partner as well as our friends and family,” Erik says.

Being social, sharing a meal and playing games, is something Erik values highly. He enjoys gathering people around his favourite piece of furniture in the home: “Our plank wood table in the dining room is an heirloom from my father’s family. The feeling of inheriting something and the history it carries with it — that is hard to beat.”

When browsing local flea markets and vintage shops, Erik has just one piece of advice: Dare to be personal. He suggests that instead of following trends, you can use them as inspiration when styling your own home. “A home needs the quirky items that you have bought at a flea market to feel alive and exciting. And don’t be afraid to get it wrong.”

Through @erinterior, Erik shares snapshots of the quirks and qualities of his home. And although there is a cascade of colours, they all seem to harmoniously go together. “We have a well-thought-out colour scheme that feels quite calm and harmonious,” Erik says and continues: “Based on this palette, we have then added accent colours and objects.”

It was the same approach he had when creating the large gallery wall. “When choosing motifs, I have mostly chosen based on my first instinct of what I like, but also the colours to get a good overall layout.” Erik explains that he has been conscious of choosing bolder motifs as well as more subdued ones to get the feeling that the art wall has grown organically over time.