Freya Asgersdatter

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Freya Asgersdatter, an interior stylist and copywriter based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, infuses her home with a blend of vintage charm and eclectic style. Living with her boyfriend Mads and their 7-year-old daughter Maggie, Freya balances her passion for design with a dynamic daily routine. “My job is also my passion,” she shares, reflecting on her work with magazines, commercial clients, and private homes. Whether working from home or styling for interior brands, Freya’s creativity shines through in every project.

Her interior style is a testament to her love for various style periods, focusing heavily on vintage pieces. “I tend not to follow trends too much,” Freya notes, preferring to mix and match items that resonate with her aesthetic. One of her favourite details is the new commercial steel shelves in the kitchen, a departure from her previous aversion to steel that perfectly complements her evolving taste.

Freya’s days are as varied as her design choices, from social mornings with coffee breaks and Instagram distractions to afternoons filled with styling assignments in beautiful homes. Evenings are spent with family and friends, often entertaining with delicious food, wine, and lively conversation.

When curating art for her home, Freya leans towards colourful, quirky, and slightly naive pieces that evoke curiosity. Photo art holds a special place in her heart, especially those capturing simple, imperfect beauty.

I like vintage art posters,” she explains, “so I have chosen some pieces with a vintage feel to them.”

Freya’s favourite art print, Das Rotes Rabbit’s ”Afternoon Communiqué,” embodies her style with its playful, vintage vibe and subtle colour. “It can work in every room in the apartment,” she says, highlighting the versatility and charm of her curation of art prints. Freya’s approach to interior styling and art selection reflects her vibrant personality and passion for design, creating a home that is both unique and welcoming