Sofia de Moser Leitão

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Sofia de Moser Leitão, a 29-year-old ceramicist and content creator originally from Lisbon, found her artistic haven in the vibrant streets of Paris nearly five years ago. Balancing her time between her ceramic studio and her petite apartment, Sofia’s days are a blend of creativity and inspiration.

Her Parisian apartment, a snug 30-square-meter space, reflects her eclectic taste—a fusion of a cosy English cottage and colourful Portuguese charm. Adorned with treasures from artist friends, flea markets, and Portuguese craftsmanship, Sofia’s home is a testament to her unique style.

One of Sofia’s favourite features of her apartment is the abundance of natural light and the three petite balconies, perfect for enjoying the Parisian spring and summer.

With a passion for ceramics, interiors, music and art, Sofia immerses herself in a world of artistic exploration. From crafting ceramics in her studio to curating playlists and collecting inspiration for home decor, Sofia’s days are filled with creative pursuits. Balancing her ceramic endeavours with a social life, Sofia often invites friends over for intimate dinners in her small and charming abode, where her art collection spark curiosity and start conversations that transform this intimate setting.

“In my curation of art prints, I gravitated towards photo art. I think It’s hard to find nice and affordable photography work. The pieces evoke a sense of tranquillity and transport my mind to distant places.”

Among her curated prints, Sofia’s favourite is Apple Tree by Lee Burnett, a nostalgic reminder of her roots in the sun-drenched landscapes of Portugal. Sofia’s unique selection of art prints reflects her vibrant personality and eclectic taste, offering us a glimpse into her creative world.