Yunji Yi

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Nestled in the idyllic setting of suburban Seoul in South Korea, is the home of Yunji Yi, her husband, and their dog. The interior is meticulously planned: Inspired by design classics and blending mid-century modern with Scandinavian touches.

“I think that my house makes me realise what I love,” Yunji explains. “So it is important for me to take care of my place every day, which helps me figure out my taste. I believe our homes are a great way to express who we are.”

Yunji is especially drawn to vintage design furniture, not only because of their timelessness but also the stories they carry. “I always search for stories or historical backgrounds before buying furniture. Even though it takes me several months to buy one piece of furniture or item.”

When choosing art for her home, it is also the hidden stories that appeal to Yunji. “I like soft hand-drawn touches and everyday objects that make me curious about the stories behind the settings and colours,” she says.

All pieces in Yunji’s home are carefully chosen to elevate and harmonise the interior. The colour scheme is a testament to her skill in mixing classic features with modern elements. The bold use of colour on all surfaces is inspired by her visit to the house of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. “Every colour imaginable was painted on the walls and ceilings. They are unique yet well-balanced, so I took it upon myself to learn to mix colours.” 

And the choice of primarily red, orange and yellow? That has its story in Yunji’s favourite indie band The Naked and Famous, and their music video to the song Sunseeker.