Featured Artist ‘Anne Nowak’

Anne Nowak is a Copenhaged-based artist who has done everything from exhibiting in New York to customizing pieces for hotels in Monaco. Anne Nowak works with fine art, interior decoration, and murals, and her aesthetics reflect a fascination towards the outer hemisphere. Anne Nowak is our featured artist, so now is the chance to get to know Anne Nowak and her art prints better. 

What is art for you?
Art is an experience, a feeling of something touching you. And leaves a mark.

Where do you find inspiration for your art work?
All over. Mostly when I am out in nature or traveling.

In relation to the above, who do you get inspired by?
New York and Upstate NYC is amazing. So many great museums and nature. But also my native island Bornholm. I walk in the forest or to the sea.

How and why did you start doing art work?
I could not help my self. I had to express myself.

What is your best advice on how to style your art prints at home?
Light is important whether it is natural light or artificial. And plants do love them a lot. Palms and aloe vera plants are super beautiful.

Which impact does it have on your art work that you work with different materials and with different techniques?
A lot. I often change my techniques. It is super important for my work. I love to pick a new material or technique. I get bored of using the same.

Your art prints reflect a fascination of the outer hemisphere, how did that fascination start?
Since I was born I guess. It has always been an obsession for me. I look at the stars for answers in life and look at NASA's incredible photos of all planets, Milky Way and moons for inspiration. It is the most unbelievable colors and shapes. And it is never ending.....

Is there a specific art print of yours that has special importance to you? If so, why?
The Moon is an important work/piece for me. It is very simple but if you look close you will find many stories. For me it is a classic, it is timeless as the real moon.

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