New Limited Edition Print Collection for 3DAYSOFDESIGN

During 3daysofdesign anno. 2019, we are proud to present to you a newly launched limited edition collection.




To celebrate craftsmanship and creativity we have teamed up with the four artists behind our four bestselling prints. The result is four re-designed bestsellers, all limited editions and available for 30 days only!

Keep reading to discover the new art print designs.

Atelier Cph – Abstract Cubism

“The new edition of Abstract Cubism designed by Atelier Cph is inspired by the art movement cubism and abstract sculptures, where the human face gets interpreted in an abstract way. The artwork is created by layering elements of hand-painted shapes and colors in a new scale of browns and reds” — Sara Ingeman & Mandy Rep, Atelier Cph.

Berit Mogensen Lopez – No 10

“With the wish of making an edition with more contrast and freshness colorwise, I have combined a clear blue with rose, warm yellow and beige. Thereby, the print gets a more graphic expression and works together with the colorful area within interior design” — Berit Mogensen Lopez.

Hein Studio – The Line Collection No 13

“A trip to the library kickstarted the inspiration to The Line Collection.
The artist, Rebecca Hein, was going through some old books and came across some old, vintage, handmade prints from Japan in bright blue and red colors. Originally, The Line Collection has only been made in white/sand and black/white colors. For The Line no. 13, we go back to the first inspiration of the old Japanese handprint in bright Red and Sand color, giving you a warm and colorful home with a twist of old Japan” — Rebecca Hein.

LouLou Avenue – One Soul

“Sometimes when two souls become one, they lighten up. One Soul is lines straight from the heart, in this version in the color blue – the color of the endless sea and the sky. And the white of purity and peace” — Liv Ann van der Laan, LouLou Avenue.

About 3daysofdesign

3daysofdesign is Denmark’s annual design event with a curated selection of exclusive brands from Denmark and the international design scene. The exhibitors showcase previews of new products and upcoming trends. 3daysofdesign takes place from May 23rd to May 25th, 2019, all over Copenhagen, Denmark.