Bycdesign Studio

A Study Of Geometry

Creative Conversation


Carsten Nielsen Beck is the designer behind Bycdesign Studio, an Aalborg-based atelier founded in 2016. Carsten is fascinated by geometric shapes and has a mathematician’s attention to detail and quality, as well as an artist’s intuition for colour and form.

Carsten works in close proximity to the world of interiors when creating his prints, inspired by product photography, graphic design, architecture, geometry and a nordic sense of life.

“I first started taking an interest in art when I finished my education as a graphic technician back in 2015. I loved putting together figures for colours on paper and on print media.

My background in printmaking and photography gives me the option to see a new perspective in art. The simple lines that create a new object fascinate me, and force me to think of art in a new way.

The Bycdesign Studio Collection has had a refresh and many new enticing prints have been added to the selection. They all reflect the simple appreciation of drawn lines, with a certain unconscious flow to them, giving them a very free and tranquil vibe.

The prints have been styled in neutral, tonal spaces for this edit, showcasing them in solid oak wood frames to contrast the drawn lines on natural cotton paper. The dynamic effect of wooden furniture and nordic decor pieces, paired with this collection of art prints, is an interior design dream. A perfectly serene atmosphere, for an art filled home.