How To Build An Art Collection

The Art Of Collecting

Interior Notes

Art is a language: It is a way for an artist to express themself in a way and with an intent that the spoken word simply can not. Collecting art can then be seen as a gathering of your own vocabulary to express your personal style and taste.

The thrill of finding a perfect piece to add to your collection can be slightly dimmed if you are unsure where to even start, which pieces to add and how to incorporate the art into your home.

The secret to building an art collection is incredibly simple: Accepting that it is a never-ending project. As art and interior design enthusiasts, we have put together an introduction to the world of collecting art and how art can be a lasting element in your current as well as future homes.

On Choosing Art

Choosing a piece of art out of love, curiosity or excitement is the key to building a collection that you will cherish for years. In other words: Choosing art comes down to preferences. Knowing what you like then is the place to start when buying art. And the only way to learn what you like is to look at art. A lot of art.

Visit local galleries and museums and try and notice the art you see in the streets like beautiful murals or intricate architecture. Pay attention to what attracts you and ask yourself why. It could be the colour palette, the strokes of the artist or simply the motif. Do also have look at flea markets as there can be all sorts of hidden gems.

Another way to gain easy access to different artists and their work is to look online. Either by searching for a specific style like French impressionism or minimal line art or by having a search for upcoming artists.

Buying art from both upcoming as well as established artists can be quite an intimate process. It allows you to support the artist and their work, and it means that you will have a piece of that artist’s personality and vision as a part of your home.

Decorating With Art

To collect art is about showcasing your pieces: It is a continuous experiment with organization and display, and it ultimately creates a home that is uniquely yours wherever you are.

When decorating your home with art, ask yourself what you want the art to elicit: Which emotions do you want to experience when coming home? A spark of excitement? Or maybe a sweeping sense of calmness?

As your collection grows the possibilities of display become endless. Mix new pieces with vintage finds and heirlooms, and challenge yourself to put together different colours, patterns and shapes.

Try to let go of conventional ways of displaying art pieces. Artworks can fit into any room in your home: From your living room to your kitchen. Small nooks and crannies may just be the perfect setting for a smaller art print. And consider if your art pieces should even be mounted on a wall. Let the art lean against the wall on the floor for a more dynamic display of your art collection and create small tableaus of art on windowsills or on bookcases.

Building an art collection is an ongoing process, and the same is true for decorating with art. 

The artwork you buy does not have to match your home perfectly. Let the art breathe and be a continuous centre of attention, that you can alter and rearrange so that your art collection will remain a source of joy and inspiration.

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