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As a team of Copenhageners, we may be a bit biased: But we all agree that Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world. The different neighbourhoods with their own characteristics, the cobblestone streets, the canals, and greenery all sum up to a well-rounded city atmosphere.

The history of the city is deeply connected with Danish craftsmanship and our inherent sense of design — which has left its mark on this city. From Rundetårn right next to the TPC Apartment to Cirkelbroen designed by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, Copenhagen is a beautiful mixture of past, present and future.

And the best way to experience our city? Walking from bakery to café to restaurant — eating and drinking your way through all that Copenhagen has to offer. 


Frederiksborggade 21

It is seldom that you get the local permanent market to yourself. And we prefer it like that. Wandering around on a Sunday morning among other early risers to pick up flowers and a loaf of sourdough bread. Or sitting at Coffee Collective sipping on a cup of coffee and watching all the cyclists and pedestrians before the day starts.

Be sure to admire the beautiful florals at Stalks & Roots (placed in the middle in one of the white tents), marvel at all the different delicacies and if you come by at lunchtime enjoy a taco at world-renowned Hija de Sanchez.

Apotek 57

Fredericiagade 57

Inside the design brand Frama’s Studio Store is their small eatery Apotek 57. Based on seasonal produce the menu is ever-changing. However, you are always guaranteed to find an excellent selection of baked goods, photography-worthy servings and great coffee. And while you enjoy your order of food and drinks you can appreciate the Frama designs that fill the place.

Apotek 57 is situated right next to Nyboder district, an old yellow terraced house established in the late 1600. Making it a perfect place to take a stroll and explore.


Rømersgade 20

When in Denmark you have to try our traditional lunch option: The open sandwich on rye bread. Or in Danish smørrebrød. There are multiple recommendations on where to find the best traditional smørrebrød in Copenhagen, but we want to introduce you to a contemporary version.

At Selma, they combine well-known flavours with new condiments, making each piece of smørrebrød reach new heights. Our order consists of the rosehip and horseradish herring, a piece with new potatoes and a selection of Danish cheeses. Enjoyed with a Mikkeller draft beer. 

Beau Marche

Ny Østergade 32

Besides a visit-worthy vintage and curiosities boutique, Beau Marche also has a quaint café right next to the store. The space is narrow and the atmosphere has all the Parisian vibes that we love, with every inch of the walls decorated with artwork and books, antique glasses and — of course — bottles of wine.

We recommend a croque madame or salade chèvre chaud with a beautiful glass of Côte de Rhône. Enjoy your middle-of-the-day break here surrounded by a bit of France in the middle of Copenhagen.

Vinoria Lilo

Pilestræde 52

As a hidden gem inside the intricate streets of the city centre, you will find Vinoria Lilo — a natural wine and pasta bar. In other words: Everything you need for a deliciously delightful evening. 

The cosy, dark interiors are accompanied by greenery and an open kitchen, making for a great setting for sipping on wine and sharing multiple pasta dishes. Admittedly, we have become regulars at Lilo and recommend ordering a glass (or bottle) of Anders Frederik Steen’s funky French wines and enjoying it with their seasonal pasta dish.


Nansensgade 90

In need of a quick and savoury-rich meal? At Slurp, you get some of Copenhagen’s best ramen in a casual setting with lots of familiar vibes and a small selection of tasty drinks to go with your ramen of choice.

As they state themselves “Ramen is the fuss-free, delicious soul food of Japan” — and we could not agree more, as the ramen of Slurp leaves you with the feeling of a warm hug.

It is a perfect place to visit on a somewhat boring Tuesday evening as you are guaranteed a good atmosphere and leaving in high spirits.


Vesterbrogade 40

The entire TPC team visited the Delphine restaurant and instantly fell in love with the bright interiors. And when the food arrived we were completely sold. 

The menu is a tribute to Mediterranean culture and if you are a few people getting together it is a perfect opportunity to share the food. We are quite sure you can order everything off the menu and be happy — but do yourself the favour of ordering their yoghurt sorbet dessert consisting of greek yoghurt, rich olive oil and sea salt. It sounds like it should not work as a dessert, but trust us when we say it does.

And if you are not quite ready to end the night: The meatpacking district is just around the corner from Delphine where you will find a wide selection of Danish-brewed beers and innovative cocktails.