Kinfolk x Alium

The Kinfolk Print Collection

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The Kinfolk Print Collection introduces a series of classic artworks that invites a pause for thought and continued contemplation.
Since 2011, Kinfolk has dedicated its magazine to stories about creativity, community and living life with intention. Each photograph that makes it into Kinfolk is judged on its ability to stand alone — and stand the test of time. Given that it can take several months and a dozen pairs of eyes to get from the first idea to the final image, it sometimes feels like a shame that magazines themselves are ultimately ephemeral.

It’s with thoughts like this in mind that we’re pleased to introduce theKinfolk Print Collection: An edit of ten images from the magazine selected by the Kinfolk team in collaboration with ALIUM. Spanning architecture, art, animals and still life arrangements, the Kinfolk Print Collection features some of our favourite shots and most enduring editorial images from the last two years. An exciting extension of Kinfolk’s ambition to foster community and celebrate the creative talents of its contributors, by bringing the magazine’s most iconic and enduring editorial images off the printed page.

Photography by Sofie Staunsager & styling by Charlotte Skytte Daugbjerg for ALIUM