Decorating Your Home Office

The Office At Home

Interior Notes

As the lines between the home and our working life continuously blur, we are challenged to decorate our homes to fit a wide range of purposes.

Creating different nooks and corners to function as creative and productive as well as relaxing spaces takes a clear approach. The solutions are plentiful and may vary according to your home, but a quite simple step to take is to look at your art.

Using your art pieces is an effortless way of unifying your working space with the rest of your home.

Read through our in-house stylist Charlotte Daugbjerg’s thoughts and tips on how to create a cohesive office space at home.

The Fluid Space

When setting up an office space that fluidly blends in with your interior decor, it is key to take the entirety of your home into account. 

Take note of colours and textures that dominate your home decor and incorporate these into your new office set up. Try to translate textures or materials into the motif of an art print, as it creates a calming sense of repetition of patterns throughout your space. Or pick out a single colour which is present in your home already: It might be the colour of your favourite piece of furniture or the frow you use when you get chilly during the afternoon. And let that colour be central to the art print.

In short: Let your choice of art be the element that ties everything together. 


Before mounting your chosen art prints, consider where from you will be able to see the art prints. Take a look at the space from different angles and through open doors from adjacent rooms. How is the view through the rooms? It might just be that an art piece needs to be moved a couple of inches to create a perfect scenery.

When you select art prints, motifs and colours in accordance with what you already own, it will naturally reflect a feeling of cohesion throughout your home.

Your Surroundings Matter

The secret to sustaining your mood during a working day is to surround yourself with beautiful things. No detail is too small. From the way you organize your paperwork to the cup you drink your morning coffee from, they are all an integrated part of your office space. Introduce a bit of greenery and an art print to complete your set-up.

By choosing dimly coloured art prints for your dedicated office space, you will enhance a sense of calm. Make your art be the place to let your eyes rest off-screen by selecting a piece with soft patterns and subtle details. You could also consider picking out just one large scale art print, as this will instantly make your surroundings seem elevated and put together.

If you need a lift of energy during the day, make sure to pick art prints with bright and pastel colours. Maintain an impression of balance by pairing the brighter tints with more simple motifs. Sort through our curated collection by colour or style, to find an art print that suits the atmosphere of your home office.

Another way of keeping up your energy levels is to once in a while change up your decor. Let a piece of art lean against the wall on your desk or nearby shelving to make it easy to switch things up.

Never Ending Inspiration

Working from home is an opportunity to select the bits and pieces that inspire you during the day.

Creating an art wall is an elegant way to make sure you always feel inspired. The beauty of the art wall is that it offers individual pieces of art and inspiration as well as being one large scale art installation. And it is not as daunting as it might seem. Through our simple step-by-step guide on how to create an art wall, you will get all the know-how you need to get started.

Whether you let the art wall stretch from wall to ceiling, if it is symmetrical or dynamic you will have the possibility to change the prints and thereby change the entire impression of a space. In The Poster Club Collection, almost all our prints fit standard sized frames, and you will therefore easily be able to swap out different prints whenever you need a change of scenery. When purchasing an art print, you will receive it in a hard cardboard tube, that serves as a place to properly store the art prints, not on display.

The functionality of our homes is constantly changing. And so will our home decor. By carefully considering which art prints you bring into your home, you will ensure that the different spaces of your home seamlessly blend.