TPC x Rebecca Hein

The Sous La Mer Collection

Creative Conversation

Danish artist and designer Rebecca Hein’s designs and artistry are known for elevating everyday objects by stimulating the senses. In this collection, Hein explores the decorative elements of the home and how they play a vital role in our well-being.

Surrounding yourself with beauty every day, to me, is an important element to living a life of joy. And the beauty of beauty is that it occurs in countless aspects of life: From a stroll on the beach to a carefully chosen object.

Seeking out calmness, Hein has created a collection of artworks that explores the hushed depths of the ocean, the colours of coral reefs, and their organic shapes. The result is The Sous La Mer Collection where art meets nature.


If I am too far away from the coast, I feel a kind of unsettlement. The ocean brings me peace. 

In Denmark, we are a nation of the sea, graced with a 7.314 km coastline – constantly moving as a part of the ebb and flow. Born and raised near the coast, Rebecca Hein holds a deep fascination with the deep blue. 

I am absolutely captivated by the sea. How such a soft substance like water, when moving together, can mold and shape solid materials like rocks is beyond me,” Hein says.

She goes on to describe a certain beach near Vesterhavet, where the shore is covered with small white pebbles. “Like small sculptures created by nature.

In the Sous La Mer Collection, Hein combines the softness of the nuances of the ocean with the colours of coral reefs. Bringing together both the raw and the calm forces of the sea.

From Textiles To Textuality

Rebecca Hein never doubted that her path in life was to create. She worked in the fashion industry for years but grew tired of the fastidiousness of the business.

I wanted to design something that would last. Something to bring a sense of the extraordinary to your everyday life that can be passed down through generations,” she says.

Her love naturally flowed towards interior decor and art: Here she found the creative quality she had missed as well as a new potential of design.

With art and interior, you can work with an array of techniques and materials. I still like working with textiles but in fashion, it is restrained to center around the body. Whereas interior design explores several different rooms and spaces.

And to this day Hein’s background in fashion still plays into her creative process. Especially when it comes to choosing materials and colours.

Soft Against Neon

Hein is generally known to work with a neutral colour palette of earthy tones and dusty hues. However, especially over the last couple of years, she has delved into the world of brighter colours.

At the moment I am attracted to contrasts. Particularly the notion I call ‘soft against neon’,” she says and continues: “With the Sous La Mer Collection I hope to bring just a hint of neon into people’s homes. To challenge the often very safe choices we make in our interior decor and instead offer a sense of elevated excitement.

As Hein explains: It is in the contrasts that the sparks of interest and enjoyment occur. That is where you will find balance.