Our Line On The Wall Collection entails an array of beautiful one line drawings and abstract line prints, all with simplicity and minimalism at the core of their creation.

Influenced by the more connected, classical drawings of artist, Pablo Picasso, a wealth of modern day artists have created imaginative collections of clean, simple contour drawings. Using a single, continuous line, they express power in their work, just as the artist who started the movement. Pablo was at the forefront of his artistic ways, forming the route for simple, minimalistic art in an abstract universe. His line drawings have been an iconic milestone in the evolution of art, and now, years later, his style has excelled in the interior design industry, with numerous takes on his distinctive technique. 

Another artist, Henri Matisse, has also inspired the modern day craze that is face line drawings, with his famous works; LA POMPADOUR, 1951 and NADIA AU MENTON POINT, 1948, amongst others.

Chosen by our in-house experts, our line drawing collection includes and array of works created by gifted artists, who specialize in exactly this technique. With prints that depict the classical face line drawing trend, designs that explore a more abstract from of line art and pieces that include the curves and shapes of the human body, there is a line art print for everyone. Choose one of our line drawing posters and style a perfectly accomplished Scandinavian interior. 

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