Postcard from La Romana

Welcome to Lina’s idyllic Mediterranean home is a testament to the beauty of simple pleasures and mindful living. Her choices reflect a love for interior design, food, style, and gardening.

Imagine the warm breeze carrying the scent of fresh mint through her kitchen window, the sun-drenched afternoons filled with the taste of ripe watermelon, and the quiet moments of reflection under an olive tree.

Dive into Lina’s world and find inspiration in her effortless way of decorating with art prints. Each piece in her selection invites you to slow down, savour the moment, and create a space that echoes the tranquillity of La Romana.

“So much beauty around. When I open the kitchen window, a warm breeze of mint comes to me. I close my eyes. I want to preserve the moment.
The wind… ┬áthe scent… Life.”