Kristina Dam - Valut
Kristina Dam - ValutKristina Dam - ValutKristina Dam - Valut

Kristina Dam Studio


Photo art by Kristina Dam from the ‘Inside’ collection. In cooperation with Copenhagen-based photographer Tuala Hjarnø.

Exclusively launched together with the THE POSTER CLUB.

About the ‘Inside’ collection: The thoughts behind the new collection was to capture the quite and porous mood that can be in an abandon room. All the pictures are taken in a neo-baroque house with no less then 24 rooms located in the embassy neighborhood in Copenhagen. The tones in the posters are bright, and details such as the vaults, panels and windows are in focus.

“I have searched a long time for the perfect house to this new poster series. I hope and believe that the unique mood and many details will shine through and be well received” Kristina Dam says.

ABOUT Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam Studio is established with a mission of visualizing the dialectical relation between graphic design, interior and art. Today Kristina Dams work is sold in the some of the best design and interior shops all over the world.

70x100 cm

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