Silke Bonde - Leaf lines Green
Silke Bonde - Leaf lines greenSilke Bonde - Leaf lines GreenSilke Bonde - Leaf lines green

Silke Bonde

Leaf Lines (Green)

“Leaf lines (green)” art print by Silke Bonde. Printed on Munken Lynex Rough paper 170 g. Signed by Silke Bonde.

“Zooming in on the lines and patterns you will find in a leaf. Each leaf is a unique piece of art created by the nature. The organic watercolor shapes combined with the straight lines gives a minimalistic and natural expression”.

The “Leaf lines (green)” art print is a part of the “Looking closer” collection.

“Looking closer” is a collection that encourage you to take a closer look at the nature and it’s elements. Take a break and notice the creations, patterns and changing life in the nature. The use of blue and green tones characterizes the Northern nature and it’s color palette. The collection is made with watercolors to match the organic shapes which you will find in the nature. A minimalistic collection with a mix of straight lines and organic shapes.

Styling & photo by Studio Oink.

Fits standard frames, frame is not included.

ABOUT Silke Bonde

Silke Bonde is a Danish illustrator and graphic designer. Educated e-designer in 2013 and at the moment doing her specialty in Brand Design. She finds inspiration in the history of Scandinavian design, which reflects a sophisticated way of thinking; cutting off the unnecessary.

50x70 cm

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