Studio Esinam - København Elevations
Studio Esinam - København ElevationsStudio Esinam - København ElevationsStudio Esinam - København Elevations

Studio Esinam

København Elevations

Elevation drawings by Studio Esinam of 5 Copenhagen buildings: Grundtvigs Kirke, Marmorkirken, Vor Frelsers Kirke, Nationalbanken and Nyhavn. Limited edition print of 1000.

Frame is not included.

Studio Esinam is a creative studio based in Sweden and was founded by art director and architect duo Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah in the spring of 2013.

“We portray architecture with the ambition to convey its qualities to an audience with a genuine
interest for interior and exterior spaces. Whether the unique feeling of a city, the texture of a
façade or the balance of an interior space, our aim is to explore and communicate the deeper
qualities of architecture by looking at it from new angles and presenting it in fresh and engaging ways.

To us, architecture is so much more than just visual, it’s the smell of the bakery shop on the corner,
the feeling of a handle when entering a building, the sound of cars or birds forming the back drop
of a scene. It’s the memories and emotions that a place can preserve for decades and bring to life in
a second, the calming experience of your grand parents old cabin or the rush hour in a metropolis.

By covering aspects that may otherwise pass unnoticed we hope to let people discover new details
and ways to appreciate architecture, deepening the experience of the places and spaces we already
love as well as finding new ones to explore.”

65x100 cm

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