Looking Closer

Following up on her latest collection, the exclusive collab Silke Bonde did for with us, she is now ready with a new series of stunning art prints. The new collection "Looking closer' continues down the same path; soft colors, references to water and the nature and a touch of the Nordic minimalism that really has become Silke Bondes trademark.

Silke Bonde about her new collection: 'Looking closer' is a collection that encourage you to take a closer look at the nature and it’s elements. Take a break and notice the creations, patterns and changing life in the nature. The use of blue and green tones characterizes the Northern nature and it’s color palette. The collection is made with watercolors to match the organic shapes which you will find in the nature. A minimalistic collection with a mix of straight lines and organic shapes. Styling & photo by Studio Oink.

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