TPC Apartment

A Space in Copenhagen

Situated in the heart of the old city centre in Copenhagen, the TPC Apartment has all the architectural details of classic Danish heritage. A multitude of windows lets in the light and floods the herringbone parquet and high coving rails.

The Apartment is the day-to-day anchor of The Poster Club, functioning as a hybrid space that is being used as our main office, showroom and location for photo shoots and events.

The space reflects our creative process and there is a constant exhibition of our latest prints scattered across three living rooms en suite.


Looking for Your Next Photo Shoot Location?

You can rent the whole or part of the TPC Apartment for photoshoots.

The Apartment is 250 square meters in total. It is fully furnished and when renting the Apartment you have access to this furniture as well as additional styling accessories ie. vases, sculptures, podiums, table tops, tableware, and different lights. The colours of the walls as well as our furniture and interior objects change frequently.

Please write to to get more information about the space, prices and other facilities or to arrange a visit to see the Apartment.